• Not Forgotten Project

Not Forgotten Project

Through the project  we provide groceries and psycho – social  support to the needy elderly who are currently residing in old age  homes as well as those who live by themselves. We enable them to live quality, fulfilled lives by ensuring that they have nutritious meals and have access to therapeutic mental and physical exercises and activities designed to keep them stimulated mentally.

Factors such as migration by parents (of grandchildren), substance abuse, high mortality rates due to HIV/AIDS and other opportunistic diseases, greatly impact on the quality of life of older persons. The abuse of the elderly by their children or grandchildren is unfortunately a sad reality. Their responsibility towards school-going children in their care also often adds to financial burdens and has a negative impact on their physical and mental well – being because they are not always in a position to provide adequately meet their financial obligations. The fact that they are pillars of society with great knowledge and wisdom has long been overlooked and society is thus deprived of a valued resource, that is why the Okoh Foundation also aims to utilise the skills and knowledge of the elderly. Those who still have a passion and are willing to, for instance, share their knowledge with young people will be given the opportunity to teach and guide the young people in our Saints of Valentine and Achievers Summit programs.